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Australia Family Visa

Family visa types are different depends upon the circumstances of the applicant. Each and every family visa has its unique terms and conditions to apply with. The visa processing time also varies, as the Australian government has no priorities to finalize the Family visas within the scheduled time. Some family visas have lengthy processing times and some can be getting within a short period time. The processing times decided by the department with complex terms that govern the visa rules and regulations.

Family Visa Types

Visa For Parents

This visa type has two types one is the Parent category and the other is contributory parent type. The parent visa type is applicable for the permanent citizens and the eligible New Zealand citizens of the country. The parent category applications and the visa pave the way for the permanent citizenship from the country. The contributory parent visa category has a waiting period of 2 years temporary visa and then the visa holder can apply for a permanent resident permit from the government.

The visa type takes a considerably longer processing time as the department has no fixed time to finalize the visa within a stipulated time period. One can apply for the contributory parent category or even directly with the parent category to get the permanent resident in Australia.

The contributory parent category has higher cost to apply and process on it when compared to the standard parent category. The processing time is also comparatively longer than the standard parent category.

Remaining Relatives

This visa is for the people who are near relatives of the permanent residence permit holders and the Australian citizens and the New Zealand Citizens. The relative must have a close relative for the permanent residence visa holder. If you have a brother, sister or parent with a permanent Australian citizenship or a New Zealand citizen residing in Australia, and the step form of the same relationships also eligible to apply under the visa program.

Child of the Australian citizen or New Zealand citizen residing in Australia

The child father or mother should have a permanent residence permit in Australia or the citizen of Australia or New Zealand citizen, residing in Australia. The parents residing in Australia can apply for the visa on behalf of the child. The child’s age must be below 25 years of age to be eligible to get a family visa of this type. The child can get an Australian citizenship as per the rules and regulations of the Australian government.

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