Hong Kong investment Visas

Hong Kong investment Visas

Hong Kong investment Visas

Hong Kong investment Visas

Hong Kong investment Visas, we have currently had a couple of interesting Hong Kong investment visa ‘wins’ which fly within the face of the commonly parlayed mantra that ‘one guy companies never get authorized’ by the HK Immigration branch (the “HKID”).

What follows can’t be said to apply in every single example of a one-guy handiest funding visa application for Hong Kong, but it does communicate to the fact that such organizations can infact get hold of an approval from the HKID – if handiest you have got:

A compelling reason for starting out as a single operator.

Without problems available budget to make investments at a level that is somewhat higher than the bare minimum 6 months coins waft.

A dynamic for your marketing strategy that is compelling or otherwise gives appealing or scarce ‘human capital’ to the HKSAR.

An obviously obvious purpose to create local jobs in the end, if now not immediately.

Your ducks otherwise absolutely coated up!

With the facts barely adjusted to guard the confidentiality of our customers, here are the vital situations of two, separate ‘one man companies’ which went directly to comfy the approval of the HKID beneath our counsel and with us dealing with the programs.

the first involved an indoors layout services professional who had some years earlier residence in Hong Kong as an employee, however became converting careers completely in becoming a member of in his new business. His enterprise changed into ‘him’, for all intents and purposes however he did have some ‘family IP’ which he became bringing to the commercial enterprise, which his father had carried out in a similar family organization in the UK for over 30 years. at the same time as his father had retired some years formerly, he become appointed to the board of our customer’s one man restrained legal responsibility organization and become obviously going to assist out his son out with counsel and advice. Throw in one year really worth of budget ready to make investments, the support of certain HK contacts who indicated they could provide business to this, first of all, one guy operation and a plan which in reality validated that if the increase trajectory become achieved, new jobs might be created as sure as night follows day, the HKID offered into the argument and permitted the utility with no extra fuss than may be expected wherein there are an awful lot larger scale investment plans for Hong Kong.

The second one instance took in a girl mental fitness professional in a career that doesn’t require formal registration in the HKSAR and who turned into searching for to installation a brand new exercise, having grown bored with running in a current job in Hong Kong which became no longer in any way linked along with her real qualifications. as it passed off, the economic cause for starting the commercial enterprise become continually going to be nebulous – she became the product, after all, and she handiest had a finite quantity of time that she should promote. absolutely, at least one neighborhood activity changed into to be created four months into the marketing strategy and the coins to be had for investment was literally simply enough for set up and 6 months’ coins float. but, her place of understanding changed into so compelling and in such short supply in the HKSAR, our recommendation become that the ‘sizeable contribution’ detail of the investment visa approvability check must be argued within the context of the help afforded to careworn out Hong Kong bankers and lawyers and that her exercise changed into never going to be a major money spinner throwing off new jobs left proper and centre. It worked and her visa became authorized in double-short time.

A graduate of the London college of Economics, Stephen started his first devoted Hong Kong immigration practice, LL.B Consultancy, in Kowloon in 1993 straight out of Law College. In 1996, Stephen wrote, and then published, the primary version of the Hong Kong Visa handbook (http://www.hongkongvisahandbook.com) on the internet – which has long gone to be the leading D-I-Y manual to the Hong Kong visa and immigration technique.

Stephen is a mentioned expert in all subjects referring to Hong Kong immigration and for many years has added CPD programmers to the legal and accounting community of the HKSAR. often invited to talk on the subject of Hong Kong visas, Stephen is widely admired for observation from the Hong Kong press, to deliver talks to enterprise and HR agencies and looks regularly on authorities owned RTHK Radio 3 answering visa and immigration questions stay on air.

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